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Alina Macías foto bio

I feel happy and grateful working in different projects to bring the forest into your home. Taller Silvestre meets all my passions: countryside, simple living, everyday beauty, little things, home.

After spending a life working in Marketing and Communication for a great Swiss watches brand, I render myself to the very deep need of working with my hands. I have huge respect to my Swiss colleagues, being as they are masters in preserving tradition and know-how. Thanks to the big learning these years, I have gathered the experience and courage to kick this project off. Happy and surrounded by incredible people that make me grow every day.

I come from Bilbao, in the Basque Country. The sea, the beach, the cliffs, the stuary, the woods, the trees, the mountain, the gastronomy tattooed in my skin.

I have three teenage daughters, to whom I would like to transmit the message that we are responsible for our lives, acts and choices. Everything we choose and decide counts. It does not matter how little it might be, it is important. We are fully responsible of taking care of our Earth.

Everyday life in my Instagram account.

Thank you so much for the visit.



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