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“Color directly influences the soul.” W. Kandisky

Textiles teñidos artesanalmente con tintes botánicos en colores rojizos

We work with natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool, silk bourette. Organic fabrics, whenever they are available. Sometimes it is not possible, but we walk towards this target. Always row and unbleached fabrics.

Pila de tejidos orgánicos en crudo sin tintar

We dye with the colours of the plants.

Bodegón de Aquilea rubia y agallas de roble, materiales para los tintes botánicos con los que teñimos nuestras telas

It is a long, laborious and respectful work, almost a ritual. Once received, the fabrics have to be conditioned, carefully and deeply washed to remove any single waste (dust, dirt, grease) that might spoil the dye afterwards. Every single project is handled individually. After conditioning, we proceed to mordant the piece. This stage creates a link between the fabric and the colour, allowing a better fixing in the fiber.

Bodegón con los materiales que usamos para los tintes botánicos
Detalle de tejidos orgánicos teñidos con tintes botánicos de colores rojizos

We use plant dyes (flowers, roots, leaves, barks).

Rubia Tintorea otro de los extractos botánicos que utilizamos en nuestros tintes

We source the basic and main dye raw materials (madder, logwood, weld..) and forage the rest in the countryside every season. We love this part of the work, as colours are linked to the woods, to each landscape. It allow us to test, create and enjoy with the colours of our environment; pruno leaves during the spring, achilea, lavanda and many others in summer, nuts and pomegranates in autumn, alder cones and different barks in winter.

There is no colour equal to other, just like there are no equal plants and trees; the soil where they grow is different in each place and season. This is why each color is unique, once-in-a-lifetime.

We also love upcycling some vegetables and fruits skins and pits. Onion skin offers an awesome gold palette and avocado pits can create the most subtle pinks. It is a circular process, full of sense.

Trabajando extracción de cebolla para tinte
Colado de la extracción de tinte de cebolla
Vertiendo la extracción de tinte de cebolla en la olla
Tejidos flotando en la olla de tinte
Detalle de tela tendida en el bosque tras el proceso de teñido para su secado

The colours obtained from botanical dyes are full of shades, are more transparent and allow a deeper colour perception, as well as highlight the beaty of the fabric.

Gasa teñida con tintes botánicos al trasluz de la ventana

Each piece is one of a kind.

Detalle de toalla en bourette de seda teñida con quebracho
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