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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Tres cestos NIDO de mimbre trenzados a mano

Taller Silvestre is a project of contemporary crafts. Timeless, singular and unique handcrafted home decor pieces. Our aim is to honour handcrafted work and transmit the poetry in the creation process. The process itself is the centerpiece of our workshop.

The beauty of imperfection, delicate and fragile. Naive and subtle.

Detalle gasa de algodón orgánico teñida a mano con tintes botánicos sobre ventana

Our work is inspired by nature, by the woods. Nature is present in each piece, remembering us that we are guests in this amazing Earth.

We collect wild flora to work in two areas: floral composition and botanical dyes. 

It is a long and slow process, in which both the piece and the environment are treated with the greatest respect and care. The results hereby obtained are delicate, special and full of shades that allow a very deep perception of the colours, highlighting the texture of the fabrics.

Textiles orgánicos teñidos artesanalmente con tintes botánicos en colores rojizos

We also offer a small section of natural organic textile products, undyed, with the aim of promoting a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, supporting zero-waste movement and slowly walking in this direction. It is a way to express our gratitude to the forest.

Bolsa string es una bolsa de red de algodon organico 100% con certificacion GOTS

We are always looking for collaborations with other guilds. To recover and give value to traditional crafts to ensure a sustainable future. It is a key area of Taller Silvestre, sharing time and ideas with other artists and crafters that allow us to find unique pieces for your home, handcrafted by persons for persons.

Colección de cerámica de Taller Silvestre: fuentes, vajillas, cuencos, floreros, ensaladeras...
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