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“Something I do not know, is known by the leaf that vibrates in that branch” Eduardo Chillida

Forest at sunset

Woods inspire our work. Nature is always present in each piece, remembering us that we are honorable guests in this house earth.

Campo al atardecer

Nature moves us. In our walks in the countryside we always collect pieces that evoque that day, that moment. Leaves, flowers, pines, stones, branches, small items that mark the passing seasons.

We stop continuously, just to watch conciously. A certain colour , a small leave, the shape of a Branch, dried fennel in winter, moss in the stones, lichen in the barks… all the little things that move us.

Selección de flores prensadas para confeccionar un herbario
Flor silvestre al trasluz en el bosque
Detalle de un cuenco con achilea
Hojas de eucalipto

We like to bring the season of the year into our home. This makes us feel alive, make us feel we belong to the earth. This is what we aim to transmit with every piece of the collection.

Our work is to bring the forest into your home. The way we express all the thing we live and feel.

Telas tendidas en el bosque
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